Museum Photos
The “Electric Shopper” was an electric vehicle built  by The Electric Car Company of California which was formed in 1951 in Long  Beach. The model FG-75 fiberglass “Electric Shopper” debuted in 1960 and only  lasted until 1962 when the company sold.     
1961 Taylor Dunn Trident
1909 Elwood-Parker Baggage Tug manufactured in Cleveland to assist in moving baggage for the Pennsylvania Railroad. It has three speeds, with a top speed of 20 miles per hour. It has a bulb horn
this bulb horn-fitted
"Lighting Rod II" 1929 Ford Roadster
World’s first electric Street Rod

1930 Detroit Electric

Electric Wheelchair
"Kawashocki" Electric Motorcycle
Custer Chair Car (circa 1922)

The museum is growing, stop and see the latest additions.

Several new vehicles are planned to be added to the Kingman display in the coming months, including a 1912 CT electric commercial truck. You have may have heard of duallys, but this serious electric truck has triple-wide solid rubber tires front and rear mounted on wooden spoke wheels.

The driver sits ten feet in the air in the cab… it’s a real monster!

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